What is jandus Radio?

About our company

Jandus Radio's mission is to provide a platform where people from all over the world can gain access to media content, news and music in Nigeria, the Carribean, US and other countries in Africa. England, also called JAND by Nigerians and the United States are the countries known to have a significant population of Nigerian residents so it is appropriate that these countries are represented primarily in Jandus's mission. Jandus Radio offers immediate mobile access to information so people are always kept updated about current events and music.

How Does it Work?

Radio stations who stream online are capable of worldwide access via the internet. Online streaming websites are not able to be displayed on mobile browsers due to Adobe Flash incompatibility, Jandus radio offers a mobile platform for these stations to be easily accessed. Jandus Radio is NOT a radio station. It is a platform to assist in promoting online and live radio stations that offer African and Caribbean Content. Sign up your radio station and customize your station page. Add a station logo. If desired, you can purchase and resell adspace on your station page for monetization however this is not required.

The success

Jandus Radio has successfully increased national and international listenership of Nigerian Radio stations through our mobile platform.

The integration on social media allows the listener to share their radio experience with their social network. Social media encourages listener interaction with Radio and increases listening time and user engagement with the Radio Station.

Our Services

  • Advertising/Social Media promotion
  • Radio Station Online Stream Hosting
  • Events Promotion
  • Artists Promotion